Underhunks Spain carries Sweat Under Gear

Founded on Valencia (Spain) in October, 2008 Underhunks.com has turned

into the leading underwear online retail from Spain and Portugal.

Among their brands Underhunks.com combines international references in male

underwear with lots of new attractive brands orientated towards a

masculine man with active lifestyle like Sweat Under Gear.

In the last months Underhunks.com has extended its catalogue with

swimsuits and sportswear.


Chad Allen auctions of Sweat for charity - results

Chad Allen has been added to our Sweat Wall of fame which just seems to keep growing - we may need more walls to hang all these celeb in Sweat Under Gear pics. Chad raised just under $16,000 so far for the ALC 8 auctions. Over his goal of $15,500. 

AIDS/LifeCycle is a fully supported, 7-day bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles through some of California’s most beautiful countryside.
AIDS/LifeCycle is co-produced by the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and is designed to advance their shared interest to end the pandemic and human suffering caused by AIDS.


Man Hunt Regionals - and the winner is

We are happy to announce Jake (in the white Sweat Trunk) won the Mirage Man Hunt regional.
As part of his winnings he will be part of our special Halloween Sweat Under Gear photo shoot.

Jake now progresses to the Man Hunt Nationals this Sunday night. We wish him and all the other regional winners luck as they strut their stuff for the national Man Hunt title.

One little tid bit, Jake did a secret shoot for Sweat Under Gear a couple weeks ago and we will release those photo the end of July. Lets just say he was smoldering hot in the bed with his Sweat...that is all we can say about that shoot for now.


Getting Sweaty at the Mega Muscle Blog


We want to thank the guys at Mega Muscle and of course its founder Brian Rusch for supporting Sweat Under Gear.  Please check them out at the Mega Muscle Blog at the above link.
Mega Muscle features the best fitness models in the business  all at the peak of their power and muscle building.    


Manhunt Round 3

The finals are getting closer   - and in each heat the guys are getting hotter.