Ruggedness and beauty

Men are built for ruggedness as well as beauty. Looking good in underwear is 
something that most men  love, no matter if you have a 6, 4 or 1 pack. 
Sweat has a  variety of male underwear to choose from which can 
suit you in the bedroom, gym or elsewhere.
There is no need to compete with the 6 pack models when looking  
sexy for your partner. When you feel comfortable wearing your underwear 
you will look sexy too. The fact is that you must feel sexy and hot on 
your own in order to come across as sexy to other people.
Some men choose to wear comfortable cotton spandex stretchable 
blends such as the Sweat Trunk, which leaves a little to the imagination.
The Fighter Brief made from a super sexy spandex/poly blend that forms 
nicely around your body to show a little more off. The classic Sweat Brief 
with its ribbed material and grey piping is a crowd pleaser, the more daring 
will wear the Sweat Sport Brief of beautiful cotton jersey, and then of 
course the homage to all things male, The Sweat Jock, to show it all off.
Today's men, of all age groups, have found that there is much more out 
there for them to wear than the underwear they wore as a youth.
Sweat -  when it comes to underwear we all deserve to feel sexy.


Sweat Fighter Brief

Sweat Fighter Brief  inspired by the classic briefs worn by today's cage fighters. The Fighter Brief is made of a comfortable blend of spandex and polyester.
These briefs are a fan favourite. The backside forms perfectly around your seat, the front side is draped allowing movement to feel as if you are wearing nothing at all. Sweat Like a Man!


Sweat, in the mountains, lakes and streams of British Columbia

A land of vast distances and rich natural resources, Canada is known for is rivers, lakes and mountains. Clean air, clean living and the most spectacular views imaginable. We are sure you will agree when looking at our popular Sweat model, Jake,  photographed in the mountains and rivers surrounding Whistler, British Columbia.