Merry Christmas from Sweat Collection

We all know that there is eggnog and  pie and cookies everywhere. Of course, there are baked hams and  gifts  of Christmas chocolates coming from every direction.  The holidays don’t need to be a time to put on weight  like Santa. Have fun, but be reasonable.  We all like to indulge this time of year and we would never tell you not to. What we will tell you is that taken in moderation you have every right to have a fun holiday. Yo have worked all year to look amazing in your Sweat and you deserve a time to treat yourself.  Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for supporting Sweat - we really do appreciate it.   


Sunday Deal - Sweat Short - expires in 3 days


Sweat brings it to the GYM! These look like MMA shorts but have been carefully constructed for the gym. Black / White Gym Shorts Adjustable waistband system with a drawstring, fly and Velcro closures. Very deep big front pockets. Sweat logo embroidered on leg. Sweat 'W' logo on waist band. Inner pocket for music device.Split-Seam sides.