Free 2011 Sweat Calendar Nov 24 to Dec 31 only

From November 24th until December 31 only, every order placed at www.sweatundergear.com will recieve a hot hunky 2011 Sweat Calendar. (pictured below)
The calendar is printed on 6" X 18"  100 lb Smooth Matte stock, partially recycled paper  ---- perfect for your wall.

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What to get your man for Christmas?

If you have been wondering what do you get your man for Christmas? May we suggest the perfect gift - underwear. If you want it hot sexy and masculine - then of course we want you to help your man Sweat this Christmas. Enjoy these images of Sweat Under Gear from Christmas 2008 and 2009, and soon we will release our image for 2010.


Jorge Friere

The amazing Jorge Friere took this shot of Adrian in a Sweat Under Gear Jock. A quote from Jorge about his work "..photography has been a passion of mine for quite sometime but it wasn't until maybe 2 yrs ago that I decided it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. You can say I had an epiphany! I have been fortunate to have worked so far with AMAZING people who with every picture I have taken, have helped me take my work a step further. Just looking to make friends in the industry and see where life takes me. I'm not the best nor do I pretend to be, but one thing is for sure...I put EVERYTHING I have into every photo I take, and everytime I here my camera snap, I feel a serene comfort that I am EXACTLY where I need to be. "


Hard work pays off for these fitness model contestants

Make your strength and fitness training goals something you can achieve, but don't make them toot easy. Setting goals that are impossible will discourage you from finishing your workouts or building the body want.


Jerry reveals his Sweat Under Gear at 2:20

Please use sauna suits according to manufacturer's directions. If not used properly sauna suits can be dangerous. These vids are posted for entertainment only, not instruction, thus, we suggest that you do not imitate what you see our model athletes do, especially under the extreme heat in which they work out.

Workout Competition featuring Sweat


Eric - Sweatin' out in the gym

A lot of people are going to the gym to exercise and stay fit. This can help people to keep motivated since other people in the gym are also trying to reach the same Fitness goal.

Just like in any other place, there are unspoken rules or Gym Ethics that everyone should follow when going to the gym. These guidelines are simple and yet there are some who neglect them. For safety purposes and to have a harmonious relationship with like-minded people in the gym, keep these tips in mind:
  • Wear clean and appropriate Gym Clothes. It is important to keep yourself clean at all times. Since you will be sweating a lot, make sure to bring a towel.

  • Use a towel to clean all pieces of gym equipment after you use them.

  • Put the weights, Dumbbells, and Barbells on their proper places. This can help avoid certain accidents such as tripping over weights that are not placed on the right places.

  • Keep your voice down. Bear in mind that other people want to concentrate on what they are doing.

  • Respect other people's personal space.

  • Be considerate of others. Never criticize and do not interrupt others especially when they are lifting weights. If all the machines are being used and you have been using one for quite a while, give someone else a chance to use the machine. Also, it is better to avoid giving unsolicited advice. Ask first if there is anything that you can help him/her with.

  • Be friendly to the staff and other people in the gym.