Sweat Lounge Day

Enough rest is an important aspect of your exercise program, and particularly for strength training. Through exercise, muscle tissues are broken down and rebuilt. When you train, you are in effect creating small tears in your muscles. As these heal, they "fill in" and grow. The result is larger, stronger muscles. Don't forget to take some time to get good bed rest every day and share it with that someone special in your life.  


Sweat Training Notebook

There are many reasons to keep a logo of your goals and achievements in the gym. 

Exercise progress forces the body to increase the level of metabolism, which gives better results. So keeping tabs on your progress is a must.

Keeping track of your training helps you monitor to see how far you've come. It's a great motivator.

In a notebook you can keep track of other details, like what you ate, how much sleep you've had, how long you've exercised, tips on proper technique - all so that you can maximize your time in the gym.

The Sweat Training Notebook is blank (lined) on purpose as we all have different goals and different items we want to keep track off. 

You can pick up your Sweat Training Notebook here.  We hope it gives you motivation.

Sweat Training Notebooks have a glossy finish and are professionally bound. The cover art is 10 point Carolina Card Stock, Coated 1 side, SFI certified, with Gloss Lamination. The inside pages are 50lb uncoated bright paper stock. Each notebook is 100 pages fully lined.