Mr. Sweat Energy - Halloween 2010

Some people like to summon the spirits at Halloween, but we like to summon the Sweat Men.
Meet Mr. Sweat Energy. There are allot easier ways to become a Sweat Man, however if you want to be a Sweat Super hero and don't mind a little electric shock running through your veins then our mistress will be glad to oblige. Let us caution you, don't mess with this guy as it will end in a gruesome battle with lots of high voltage - not in your favour.

Happy Halloween from Sweat Under Gear


Sneak Peak Halloween 2010 from Sweat Under Gear

Here is just a sneak peak at the Sweat Under Gear 2010 goulish Halloween photo.

This was actually taken as we prepped the model for the shoot.

The completed pic will be released soon and lets just say it will be a shocking one.

In the meantime here is a reminder of Pumpkin Boy from 2008 and the Shape Shifters from 2009.