Shane Roberts the new Sweat Under Gear Man

This is the pic chosen to be on the Sweat Under Gear web site home page - look for it and another little surprise (think BRE) when the site is updated July 31st

Plenty more Shane Roberts pics to come over the next few months.


Sweat Under Gear super model Eric Forgiel - by Modeling Magazine

Top Male Model Eric Forgiel

Top Male Model Eric Forgiel. By Isabelle Karin

Eric Forgiel was born and bred in a suburb of Canada’s capital. His family and friends mean the world to him and are still located there. Canadians have the reputation of being kind, compassionate, hard working individuals and he identifies himself to that a great deal.

Being the smallest guy in school he had no self esteem. Bodybuilding helped him overcome his self consciousness and taught him self motivation. He had no intention on pursuing modeling until the final result of his first shoot and after seeing people’s reaction to it. If he had known this is where his modeling career would take him, he would have gotten more serious about it earlier, but if it ends tomorrow, he also knows that he has accomplished more than he could ever have dreamed of.

Eric’s modeling career story began one day, 4 years ago, as he was training in a local gym, and a local professional photographer happened to walk by. She walked up to him and asked him if he would be interested in posing for her. Admittedly at the stage he was a little skeptical. She offered to meet with him at his home the following weekend to show him her portfolio. After meeting with her, he immediately accepted her offer and a date and time were set for the first shoot. His mother had mentioned that he should get involved in modeling on a few occasions before, but he never took the comment seriously. This chance-meeting was a wakeup call and he jumped at the chance to try his hand at it, in what he describes as - the fine art of modeling.

Eric enjoys the beautiful, motivated and hard working people of the industry. To all those competing in the modeling industry he’s got this to say: “Dress accordingly, put your game hat on, get ready for war and play to win!” He absolutely hates the fact that some companies don’t give models even half a chance.

The irony for him is that he studied to be a photographer and is still very good at it. He sees himself as an artist and believes he sees the world differently than others. Finding work as a photographer though, was a very difficult for him so he decided to choose a profession that would eventually give him the kind of stability he was looking for.

His motto in life is: “Work hard, Play hard.”

His modeling expertise incorporates underwear, swimwear, fitness and artistic nude, but lately he says he’s been doing a lot of semi-nude and underwear modeling. For some reason, photographers want to see him with the least amount of clothing possible. I wonder why?

Of everything he does he prefers to do underwear modeling, and he enjoys seeing the fruits of his labor in a photograph. It is very motivating (and I bet to the people looking at the photo’s as well) and he likes the reaction people have when they see it. His favorite designer is Calvin Klein and he would love to work for Aussie Bum underwear for men.

Every one has their fantasies and to him, his biggest dream is to be a rock star… Being a musician since childhood and still pursuing his dream today, his favorite pass time is to play the drums which he’s been playing since the age of 11 and just can’t get enough of it.

He is currently single and has 2 beautiful children. His son Jeremi is 7 years and his daughter Alexis, is 5. What inspires him is his parents as they are hard working and never give up. They’ve taught him to pursue his dreams from a young age and their words echo in his ears every day.
“If you are not ambitious, things do not come…the harder you work, the luckier you get.”

Uncertainty makes him very nervous as he is a very organized person and likes to plan every move.

As appose to the general view that models are “Beautiful and ignorant” Eric believes that “models don’t get to where they are by being morons”. Eric strives to continue living a full life as if every day is his last and if the opportunity arises he would like to be presented by the appropriate agent, but he is currently independent.


Jake wins the Mirage night club portion of Manhunt

Jake wins the heat at Mirage Night Club for the Manhunt competition. Here he is in Sweat Under Gear. Look for Jake in Oct in a very special Sweat Under Gear Halloween shoot.