Sweat Under Gear goes to LA

We are excited to announce the amazing JUST ONE LA will be carrying Sweat Under Gear.
Join us on Jan 30 for  a special in-store promo.


New York Times post - Simplicity is Sexy


We saw this trend coming in 2008 when we began our research for the creation of Sweat Under Gear. We are so happy to be a part of this trend in 2010 and beyond.  Over the past while we were finding it increasingly difficult to find an underwear line that combined the comfort, fit, quality and masculine style we desired for everyday. Many underwear lines were either ill fitting or were virtually destroyed after one wash. Our  friends were also telling us of the same quest and that they were looking for underwear that reflected their active lifestyles but did not rely on gimmicky prints and materials. That is when Sweat Under Gear was born

Simplicity is Sexy! 

Sweat Under Gear foursome


Male Fitness Models



Check out male Fitness Models a great blog that features some of the hot up and comers in the modeling world.

Above you will see Super Sexy Sweat model Eric Forgiel and NCB man William Price also sporting a few pieces of Sweat Under Gear.