Sweat ™ B Sides Pt2

This was from a series that was used to advertise an event.
This particular photo however, was not used but we just love the
necklace. It is by Cruzazur out of LA. Check them out as they have
some great stuff.

We came up with what we thought was a great idea to pack up some models, head up to a local
mountain and shoot a game of soccer. The whole
shoot was inspired by The Vancouver Olympics.
We did use a shot of the models standing on podiums with medals and flags for an ad during the
Olympics. By and large though the whole day and shoot really did not turn out as we wanted it to. We can tell you though that we had a visit from the ski patrol and a bunch of women skiers got their thrills watching this shoot.

Fishing in underwear anyone? This shoot was done at an amazing home in which we featured their back yard, patio, hot tub and out door shower. They also have a ravine and we thought it might be fun to do some 'fishing' in underwear. We released all the other scenes from that shoot but the fishing pics staid in the fault, that is until now.   

These two pics are behind the scenes of our 2010 Halloween shoot. A company called Glitter Machine was in charge of all the painting and post shoot effects. We came up with the idea and Glitter Machine ran with the idea and made it way better then we even imagined possible. We love how they incorporated the W of our logo onto the models chest. We think it was our best Halloween pic to date. You will have to cruise through the Sweat blog archives to find the final result.

This is a snap we took of the guys promoting Sweat
at a Lady GaGa fashion event. You can see our booth in the back. Lets just say our guys got tons of attention.
They both look awesome on the classic Sweat Brief.


Sweat ™ B Sides Pt1

To celebrate the New Year we thought it would be fun to go back into our faults and post some things that we never used, or  rarely used. It will be a 3 part series posting today, Wednesday and New Years Eve....Have fun and remember these are the B sides so don't judge us too harshly :)

This was taken in Puerto Vallarta Mexico by a photographer named Paco. The model on the right we found on the beach one day literally running out of the water, and the model on the right is a friend we see yearly when we visit PV. We were not at this shoot as it took place after we had left Mexico. Paco took a whole a series of shots and somehow when we released them we missed this one which is now one of our favourites from that series.

This is a group shot of models, makeup artists and the Sweat™ owners from a big production we put on one summer in Vancouver. The theme was nature and each of the 3 segments of the show centered around winter, spring and summer.  The models did a great job and the show was spectacular.

This shot you may recognize, however the artwork around this version was meant to be used as an event poster for DJ Bill Bennett.  It turns out that it did not capture the event as Bill wanted it to and this poster was shelved. Then we almost revived it for Valentines 2010 but again it got shelved.  He is in the super popular white Sweat Jock.

This is an out take from the Halloween 2009 shoot. As many of you are aware we are known for doing an annual Halloween shot. The idea surrounding this shot was that antlers were to be added later in photoshop and that the 2 models were shapeshifters engaged in a battle. You will have to go back through our blog to Halloween 2009 to see the actual shot we used in all its photoshopped glory.

These 3 shots are from the 'ice' shoot we did for Christmas/Winter 2010. We only released one shot from this series and these are the other 3 that for various reasons did not make the grade. Sometimes it is is the pose, sometimes its the face expression, or sometimes something else just does not look right.  They are all wearing a black classic ribbed Sweat Brief.

This was a test shot intended to be used in a poster for an event.  A disco ball was to be added later on photoshop. The idea was dropped and we never actually found another use for this. Any ideas? Anyone want to take the shot and make it into something for us? Hmmm, maybe we make it a contest.  He is wearing a white Sweat Trunk.

This shot is from the very first shoot we ever did way back in 2008. The model was truly amazing and has since become a friend and he ended up as a character on our box for the Sweat Sport Brief.
This shows off his back and very kewl dragon tattoo.

In 2009 we were asked to participate in a photographers summit put on by Mega Muscle on Palm Springs. We flew down to PS and had an amazing time with the photographers and models. The models were asked to appear at Hunters a local bar.  As you can see, second from the right is one of the guys looking hot in a white Sweat Trunk.


NorCalBodz (NCB) models does Sweat™

NorCalBodz (NCB) represents top physique and fitness models nationwide. Operating out of Sacramento, California, NCB provides models and photos to Federated Group, Calvin Klein, All American Guys, 2(x)ist, GQ, Papi, Cin2, Sweat™, Playgirl, BM, Clever, Go Softwear, and numerous other labels and fitness magazines. In addition to physique and fitness photography, NCB is available to other models, actors and athletes, male and female, seeking portfolio expansion, headshots, or artistic expression.  

Over the last few years NCB has really upped their ante with a stable of men that is unparalleled in the modeling industry. NCB models range from the uber hot smooth underwear model with perfect features through to tougher looking models with tattoos and harder looks.  Something for all tastes and modeling requirements. Sweat™ can say from experience that NCB is truly a caring company that shows gratitude to their clients and is always a pleasure to work with. If you are in need of a model check them out and you will not be sorry.  norcalbodz.com


Good health does not take a holiday

Eggnog per cup  has  343 calories and 19 grams of fat (11 g saturated fat). A Long Island iced tea has 789 calories, and a white Russian has 425 calories. A non-alcoholic grande eggnog latte made with nonfat milk at Starbucks has 450 Calories and 18g of fat.

Don't deprive yourself  - but do make good choices and remember good health does not take a holiday. 

In this pic we have Joel wearing a white Sweat™ Fighter Brief.


Sweat™ Turkey dinner tip

Sweat hopes you enjoy your feast this year.  Did you know that turkey is actually one of the leanest and most healthy meats available?  The key is to know how to cook it to its best advantage, without adding fat and calories. An easy way to do this is to roast your whole turkey, basting with low-fat or fat-free turkey or chicken broth instead of drippings, bake your stuffing separately, so it does not soak up any extra fat, and making a broth-based, rather than dripping-based gravy.


Happy Holidays from Sweat 2010

Sometimes it is  hard to stick with your gym and other exercise routines during the busy Christmas season, but there are ways to get your fix of exercise despite the busy time constraints.  1) Plan ahead to deal with changes in your schedule. 2) Plan active group activities so you can workout and  socialize at the same time. 3) remind yourself that by allowing some time for the gym will reduce your stress. And by all means remember that the major benefits of exercise come from regular workouts.