the excuse-buster

Why wait until New Years Eve to make a difference in your life? New Years resolutions are a lame excuse to put off what you could and should be doing today.

No time? All of the people walking around out there in great shape with their kick-ass bodies are no less busy than you. Besides you can get a great workout in well under an hour.

The bottom line is... If you really want it, you'll find the time. It's all about priorities and getting in the right mindset. No more excuses, no more waiting for New Years Day or some other ‘magical’ date to start. Get your Sweat on now – you will be happy you did.


Sweat Sunday Deal for Nov 27 2011

Sweat Sunday Deal for Nov27 is our hot selling Sweat Tank Top (this one is in white)


note: no Sundy deal nxt week but resume Sunday after that


Sweat Sunday Deal November 20th

Sweat Sunday Deal -

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Retro Sweat

Taken in Sweat Year 1 (summer 2008), we still get emails asking about Sweatman Yannick. He is a man of many talents and is keeping busy doing all the things he loves so much to do.   


Locker room etiquette

For many men, going to the gym is a constant in life. Whether it is  free weights, cardio, racquetball or whatever your poison, finishing a workout is satisfying and rewarding. However, nothing can ruin the feeling of accomplishment than seeing other members breaking what you may feel are certain locker room  rules. Some rules are stated in the gym membership while others are just given things we should know by  virtue of  being male adults. 

Researching this post it appears that this is a very touchie subject as some 'given rules' may be apparent to some  and not to others. It also seems that they are regional. For example, some countries have a much more relaxed view of nudity so walking nude from the change room to the shower may not be an issue depending on where you live.  Most though are universal such as not peeing in the shower. 

We feel that we are all adults in the locker room and we should all be able to respect one another without the health club being forced to hand over a booklet of etiquette to every new member.

We would love to hear what you think on this subject. 

What's in a Sweat Tank?

The most essential and foremost aspect of your gym clothes should be that they are comfortable and allow your body a wide range of motion. You are going to the gym to lift weights, do cardio and to sweat. Do not wear delicate  clothes because after a few workouts, they will be ready to toss in the garbage bin.

A small to medium size logo on the chest or elsewhere on your tank or t-shirt is tasteful, understated and always looks great.

If you have a fit, trim body, don't be shy to wear tighter t-shirts or even more revealing tank tops.


Sweat Fighter Brief

Underwear has moved from a hygienic necessity to a fashion amenity. It is now seen as attractive and also as a desirable addition to one’s wardrobe. Sweat is here to help you look our best.